Prices.     All works unframed unless otherwise noted.

woods and waters


 sanctuary                      pastel               20x28      $1000

patterns of winter         acrylic/canvas   30x40      1400.

sunlight+moss               watercolor          26x40     1600   framed.

after the storm              watercolor        40x60      6000.

Adams Point                  watercolor         26x40     1300.

the yard reclaimed       acrylic/canvas    24x30      1200.
milkweed pods             acrylic/canvas    18x24      950.

late October                 acrylic/canvas    30x40      1400.

timelines                     acrylic/canvas     16x20     1000.  framed

passing Gerrish Island    acrylic/canvas   30x36    1400.

tern party                     acrylic/canvas     26x38     1400.

ice walkers                  acrylic/canvas      30x36     1400.

Alton shoreline             watercolor          15x22       700.

Huntington Ravine spring     watercolor   11x15     500.

abyss                          acrylic/canvas       36x40     1800.

Bemis Brook               acrylic/canvas       32x42      2000.  framed

red sails                     watercolor             10x14       500.

totems                       acrylic/canvas         46x46     4000.

under the canopy      acrylic/canvas       26x36        1400.

Great Bay                watercolor/paper     26x40       1500.  framed

petals                       watercolor/paper    26x40        1600.  framed

wood duck                  watercolor           15x22      800.  
barred owl                  watercolor            12x16      600.

redwing blackbirds     watercolor           12x16      600.     
bluejays at breakfast    acrylic/canvas    20x30     900.

cool plover                   watercolor           9x12       500.

early birds                   acrylic/canvas      10x16    600.  framed

under the pier               watercolor          9x12      600.

bug on a berry              watercolor          13x19    950.    framed                                                              
deer in autumn         acrylic/canvas     18x18    1000.  framed

mantis                         acrylic/canvas     16x20    800.    framed

vacancy                       acrylic/canvas     14x14     800.

damsel alighted        watercolor            10x14       500.

tidal pool                   watercolor            12x16       600.

tree swallow             watercolor             11x15       500.

crossing                acrylic/canvas         20x30        1100.



string players               acrylic/canvas    24x36    1250.

Missa Solemnis           acrylic/canvas    32x48     1800.

boys choir                    acrylic/canvas    18x26     800.

centering                        pastel                 17x22    900.    framed

dancers joining hands    pastel                 26x40    1200.

moondance                    watercolor          34x36    1200.

lightmoves                   acrylic/canvas     30x40     1300.

posedown                    graphite pencil      24x34    500.

voice                            acrylic/canvas       24x28     800.

contralto                      acrylic/canvas       14x18     550.

high C                          acrylic/canvas      14x16     500.

.red stockings              acrylic/canvas      24x32       1000.

duet                          watercolor               19x21       500.

woman in wingback    pastel                   19x25        950.


mixed media

eclipse                            mixed media        8x22    500.   framed            

nest of leaves                 mixed media       18x24    550.    framed

passages                        mixed media         22x30   1000.